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Ultra small ROM connection device localized
Maeil Economy
Aug 19, 1997

E2S controller specialty company knocking on the world market
Small Medium Venture News
Apr 28, 2003

Power generation auto voltage controller localized
Small Medium Venture News
Nov 10, 2003

E2S heavy equipment site visits
EPE Times
Nov 17, 2003

E2S exploring the field of localization of advanced technologies
Headline News
Feb, 2004

Nuclear power plant control technology localized by E2S
EPE Times
Dec. 18, 2006

Magnetic floating train’s core controller developed on our own
Mar 30, 2007

E2S generation monitoring and control device
(KEPCO recommendation)
Maeil Economy
Apr 26, 2007

E2S power system
stabilization device
(KEPCO recommendation)
Maeil Economy
Jul 5, 2007

E2S generator voltage
regulation device
(KEPCO recommendation)
Maeil Economy
Oct 24, 2007

E2S emergency generator inspection device
(KEPCO recommendation)
Maeil Economy
Nov 21, 2007

Nuclear power on the rise
(E2S with the best product development, Fights for high qualities)
EPE Times
Jan 5, 2009

Gangdong/Songpa traders explorations
(Waves of economical crisis overcome by quality innovations)
Seoul Dongbu News
Feb 4, 2009