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Excitation system diagnosis equipment

(Generator Excitation System Test Simulator)

Collaborative product of E2S, KHNP and KEPRI

The power generation exciter system’s simulation diagnosis device is a real time simulation system that can generate the standard simulation signals on its own to inspect the excitation system. It generates three phase voltage simulation signals and three phase current simulation signals corresponding to the outputs of a generator and interconnects with an external device(excitation system) in real time to simulate operation of the same condition as if connected to the actual generator and the power system.

1. Can diagnose and control the malfunction of a generator excitation system in the off line.
2. Can analyze the performance of a transient or steady state of an excitation system,

Wolsung nuclear power plant, the East-Western power plant. KHNP, Imha hydraulic power generation, GS power Bucheon co generation power plant

Signal converter, load bank, history data output device(USB, printer)

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