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Auto voltage control device

KDR-1100,1200 (Excitation Control System) KDR-1200S/1200D (Excitation Control System)

Collaborative product of E2S and KEPRI

A generator auto voltage controller(KDR-1100,1200D) is sometimes called an excitation system.
It controls the DC current flowing in the field winding of a synchronous power generator in order to adjust the output voltage of a generator.
It improves the electricity quality and stabilizes the power system.

TriEx (Tripe Redundant Excitation System) TriEx (Tripe Redundant Excitation System)

Collaborative product of E2S and Doosan heavy industry

Various control functions of a generator excitation system are backed up by the
limit/protection functions. Such control and protection functions tend to become digitalized. To improve the reliability, we prefer to make dual/triple structure of these controllers. TriEx is a device developed jointly with Doosan Heavy Industry to perform a triple function of a digital excitation controller.