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Nuclear power fuel rod start controller

CRCS(CRDM Control System), CECS(CEDM Control System CRCS(CRDM Control System), CECS(CEDM Control System)

E2S and Doosan Heavy Industry’s collaborative product

A DSP processor is applied to a fuel rod start controller and it is made of a duplex structure. In addition, it is comprised of a CRDM that uses three coils to move a fuel rod and a controller made of four coils to start a CEDM. A start controller automatically derives the current necessary for starting each coil and generates the firing signal to each rectifier. During operation, it receives the current for controls.
Such operation moves a fuel rod up and down depending on the output

1. 32 bit, built in DSP(TMS320VC33)
2. Duplex contoller
3. Control terminal and TCP/IP network formed.
4. Direct input at the current output terminal without a TD
Expected to operate Gori #1,2 and Younggwan #3, 4