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Power stabilization system

EPS-200 (Power System Stabilizer) EPS-200 (Power System Stabilizer)

Collaborative product of E2S, KEPRI and KERI

A PSS(power system stabilizer) is a device to protect a power system by suppressing the low frequency vibration
in a power system or generator. It monitors the vibration of a power system and supplies a stabilization signal to an excitation system. By improving the stability margin of a system, you can reduce the facility investment costs required for reinforcing a system of the transmission line and the increased amount of power generation for high output continuous operation of a power generator.

1. DSP(Digital Signal Processor) based digital control
2. IEEE standard control algorithm, PSS2A model implemented
3. Zero lock function
4. Self diagnosis and protection function
5. Event logging function
6. Modbus communication function
Muju Yangsu power plant, Wolsung power plant and Gori nuclear power plant.

System applications